Finding Inexpensive Beer & Beer Deals!

It’s Friday, and I was wondering what beer I should pick up on the way home from work today. That’s my Friday ritual, the beer for the weekend. Sometimes it’s my Wednesday ritual too.

I was wondering what the most inexpensive, yet still decent beer might be. Let’s face it, in this economy the ridiculously high price of beer can really put a dent in the wallet. One of the main reasons I homebrew is to minimize the expense of buying commercial beer, so far it hasn’t helped much, because I still have my favorites and I like to try something new every now and again.

During a quick web search to see if there was a beer equivalent to, I found a couple of interesting sites. First, there is (yep), where you can find beer specials and coupons throughout the US, but it seems to be more tailored to bars, clubs and restaurants, not liquor stores.

I also found this informative blog post… The Beer Hacker: Finding inexpensive beer: The Brew Site.

Have a safe, happy weekend!