Happy Birthday! Cryptobrewology Turns FIVE!

Hello all, I just wanted to add a quick post to announce that Cryptobrewology has turned 5 years old today. Yep, way back when, February 6, 2005, my friend Roger and I stood in my kitchen, brewing a batch of homebrew, talking about fabled mysterious beasties like the Loch Ness Monster and Sasquatch, et al.

I brought up Cryptozoology, the so-called field of study for such creatures, and while Roger and I took yet another swig of our beers, I had a revelation.

CryptoBREWology!” I proclaimed, “the study of big mysterious beers!”

Thus, the name and website idea were born, along with justification for the continued consumption of our beloved beer. You can read more about that fateful day of brewing and discovery on the About Cryptobrewology Page.

A lot has changed since then. The initial goal to hunt for and catalogue the most mysterious beers of the world seemed a little too ambitious, so Cryptobrewology.com has become more of a home brewing and beer appreciation site. It’s a beer blog of sorts, and many features have been added to the site to make your pursuit of beer that much more enjoyable. Brew Reviews, which visitors can add to, a Homebrew Recipe index, even a home brewing equipment and ingredient suppliers directory. We hope you enjoy what you find here at Cryptobrewology, and what will come in the future.

Speaking of the future, stop by the Cryptobrewology YouTube Channel and subscribe so you can enjoy our latest endeavor. So far only one video is live, but there is another in the hopper, ready to be uploaded, and we — my girlfriend Cindy, who is also a beer and wine enthusiast, and myself — are planning more videos to share with you. Some ideas for future videos include, wine making, more home brewing, as well as brewpub and winery profiles, and general vlogs (video blogs) about beer and wine. So stop by and share in the great big world of wonderful beer and wine.

Thanks for joining us, we appreciate it!