Posted By on October 13, 2012

QC pays off, unfortunately it took me too long to get to this particular issue. Due to a programming error the Cryptobrewology Home Brew Recipe submission form was not functioning properly, and home brewers were not able to add their recipes to our list. I apologize for any inconvenience if you’ve tried to submit a recipe in the past.

The problem has been fixed, so please share your original recipes or clone recipes with other home brewers visiting Simply Click Here to Add a Recipe to our database. I’ll post a link on the Cryptobrewology Facebook page and on Twitter for each recipe posted.

Thanks in advance for your recipes, and your support!


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I've been homebrewing and learning about good craft beer since 1999. My wife, Cindy, and I enjoy road trips, exploring new places and finding great brewpubs and breweries. Explore with us through as we continue on our quest of Road Trips and BrewPubs!


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