Waterline Brewing Company, Wilmington, NC. Tap Handles

Waterline Brewing – Wilmington NC

Waterline Brewing Company

Located under the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge with a killer view of the Cape Fear River, Waterline brewing is a brewery with their sights on expansion and being a large regional player in the North Carolina craft beer movement.

Just over seven months old as of this writing, Waterline opened their doors in late 2015. They are one of the youngest craft breweries in Wilmington, North Carolina, sharing the stage with the original Front Street Brewery (1995), Broomtail (2014), Good Hops(2014), Wilmington Brewing Company(2014), Flytrap(2014), Ironclad (2015), and Bills Front Porch, the youngest brewpub to open in the area just this March.

Wilmington, NC is undergoing a tremendous beer growth spurt.

Mark Anthony Mueller, brand manager for Waterline, spoke with us about their brewery, their appreciation for the variety of other local craft brewers and their fervent support of the Wilmington craft beer scene.

You can get the full scoop, in Mark’s own words, with our recent video posted to our YouTube Channel, click play to watch it below…

Operating in a very large — over 10,000 square feet — completely restored and renovated warehouse that was originally built and used in the 1930s by the Jacobi Hardware Manufacturing Company, Waterline brewing system fills the space effectively.

The massive 5 BBL steam-heated brewing system stood like a gleaming, stainless sleeping giant during our visit. If it was brewing something I couldn’t tell, the room was eerily silent, and I smelled no malt. I just walked past the brewing behemoth with my cell phone camera trained on it for the video.

For all I knew it was awaiting its time to mash grains and boil wort for another batch of beer.

Waterline supplies beer to more than 30 local bars and restaurants. Named by style only, their tap list includes the ever popular Kolsch, Rye IPA, Red Ale, Pale Ale, Tripel, Stout, and the small batch Wee Heavy and Hefeweizen.

We had a great experience at Waterline Brewing and highly recommend any self-respecting beer lover stop by for a taste. Good stuff happening here.