Road Trips and Brew Pubs in Wilmington, NC!

Road trips are always cool. You get to hit the open road, watch scenery zip by, ponder Newton’s second law of motion while you stare out the window, play license plate bingo, see new places. Cows. But most of all, at least the way we arrange it, there’s a Brew Pub at the end of the trip!

That’s how “Road Trips and Brew Pubs” began. We like road trips, and we like beer. During a recent road trip to North Carolina we stopped by Front Street Brewery in Wilmington and talked with Kevin Kozak, the head brewer. He makes a great beer, and has received two gold medals for his brews. So, if you’re looking for a cold one at the end of a long ride in the car, and you happen to end up in Wilmington, NC, check out Front Street Brewery, and check out our video!

You can also watch it on our Facebook Page, and Vimeo too.

Enjoy the show!