J.R. Dill Winery had Cool iPad Cash Register

During a quick jaunt to Watkins Glen recently Cindy and I stopped in at the J.R. Dill Winery to see what they had to offer. Nice atmosphere with local art and products available for sale, two tasting bars and an impressive selection of wines. We tried some tasty dry reds, whites, including a killer Riesling, and a limited run Pinot Noir. Both of those and a couple of others are now resting in our wine rack.

A couple of things caught my eye while we were there. The first were these huge wine rack sculptures made from solid wood. One was shaped like Seneca Lake, which we could get a beautiful view of from the winery’s front patio.

JR Dill winery iPad cash registerHoles were drilled into the sides of the thick slab at regular intervals into which one would place wine bottles, neck first, for storage. A great piece of functional art.

But the coolest thing, without a doubt, was the iPad cash register we encountered on our way out. Okay, call me simple. I loved it. Cleverly cradled on a rotating apple shaped wooden stand, the iPad was loaded up with software that allowed it to tally our purchase and scan our credit card.

Signing iPad cash registerTo get a signature our host gave the iPad a little spin and passed along a stylus to sign digitally on the screen. For a cash purchase the iPad could even pop open the standard old register drawer. Pretty cool.

Life is full of wonderful things: laughter, love, friends, beer, wine, and Apple Computer products. Yes, I’m biased. 🙂 Steve Jobs lives on…