Front Street Brewery, Wilmington, NC

During one of many trips to Wilmington, North Carolina, I had the chance to stop by the Front Street Brewery. So I thought I’d write up a little brewpub report.

As I usually do when visiting my family there I collected a six pack of random ales at a local liquor store… Dogfish Head IPA weighing in a 9% ABV, HI.P.A. by the Vermont-based Microbrewer Magic Hat (gotta love ’em), Circus Boy (another Magic Hat offering), and Bell’s Oberon Ale, to name a few.

One attraction that homebrewers and beer connoisseurs visiting Wilmington would find worthwhile is the Front Street Brewery. This “brew pub” is actually a full fledged restaurant with a great menu featuring “modern American cuisine, ranging from gourmet burgers [like their Beer BQ Ale Burger! – B] to fine entrees and everything in between” according to their website.

Brew kettles at Front Street Brewery in Wilmington, NC

What would most likely catch your eye, however, is the twenty-thousand-plus dollars worth of full scale brewing equipment prominently displayed in the front windows. And it’s not just for display, as I learned from the resident brew master who was busy clearing the mash tun of spent grains during my visit. Like most brewpubs, they brew their beer right there for all to see, with a huge mash tun, a huge kettle, and four large fermenters. A homebrewer’s dream.

If you visit for lunch you’ll stand a good chance of seeing the brew master at work creating some of Front Street Brewery’s beer selections. 9 varieties on tap, which include a hearty milk stout, the killer Port City IPA that actually reminded me of one of my homebrews (I’d like to think so anyway), a Scottish Ale, Kolsch, ESB, Pace Brown Ale, a few wheat beers (including a Raspberry Wheat), and a Lumina Moonlight Lager. A number of seasonal brews are made there as well.

The Front Street Brewery also boasts a charming atmosphere, with a long, classic-looking bar, and even an upstairs balcony-styled dining area. So if your ever passing through Wilmington, North Carolina, make it a point to stop by 9 North Front Street, in the historic part of town. You will not be disappointed.

We featured Front Street Brewery in our Road Trips and Brew Pubs video series. Check it out: