Flytrap Brewing Company Coaster

Flytrap Brewing Co. Wilmington NC

Flytrap Brewing Company CoasterIt was a two-fer-one road trip the last time out. Our first brew pub stop was at Blowing Rock Brewing Company, located in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. After a few days spent relaxing, hiking and seeing the sights we hitched up the trailer and headed east toward the coast. The truck, or at least the driver, was happy to be going mostly down hill for this leg of the trip.

Our destination: Wilmington, NC, a bustling college town on the Cape Fear River. You may recall a video we put together a few years back about Front Street Brewery, which is located just a couple of blocks from the river walk.

This time we’d be stopping at Flytrap Brewing Company, a young nano-brewery just over 8 months old as of this writing. When they first opened in October of 2014 my father sent me a news article about the brewery, but it kind of slipped my mind until our visit when my sister, Erika, brought it to my attention again and took us there for a sample of their beers.

The brewery and tap room are housed in a smallish white brick building on the corner of N 4th St and Walnut, but don’t let the size fool you. Flytrap boasts a 2 BBL brewing capacity — that means one batch is roughly 27 cases of beer, or about 12.5 corny kegs, for your reference — with four main fermenters on hand so they keep their taps charged with a unique variety of American and Belgian style ales, which are constantly changing, so you never know what the selection will be.

Samples2The day of our visit they had four Flytrap offerings and five guest beers on tap. Eddie poured us two flights which included Flytrap’s Hoppy Tripel, Rehder’s Red, a Saison and a Belgian Blond. All very tasty and unique, especially the Tripel, which was made with a generous amount of American hops. I would call it a Tripel IPA, if there could really be such a beer, and I guess there can. Hell we’ve got Black IPAs, Rye IPAs, all sorts of IPAs now. Why not a Tripel?

Cindy’s fave was the Rehder’s Red, though she appreciated the Hoppy Tripel too, she is partial to Belgian style ales and IPAs.

The guest brews on tap were pretty damn good too. The selection of guest beers changes up regularly just like the Flytrap original offerings, but our flight included Double Barley’s Touché IPA, Left Coast Hop Juice, Eel River’s Emerald Triangle IPA, and a couple of others I forgot to jot down.

Flytrap Brewery Tap HandlesThe atmosphere is very laid back, clean and cool. They have an outside seating area where you can grab some dinner from a featured food truck every Friday and Saturday, sometimes Thursday, between 7pm and 10pm, along with live music. Check Flytrap’s Calendar for more info.

Back inside you can always grab an appetizer or snack provided by The Veggie Wagon, a Wilmington local family-owned produce company sourcing from local farms and small batch producers. We had some Oven-Baked Multi-Grain crackers with a Jalepeño Jack Beer Dip. A tad hot but tolerable, and very tasty.

Snacks and BeersCindy wanted to bring the remaining dip back to the house with us but when she turned toward me after chatting with my sister the dip was long gone, so were the chips. I was probably gulping down the rest of a beer sample to quench the burn, but it was worth it.

In all we found Flytrap very enjoyable. A great atmosphere with impressive original ales and a friendly, helpful staff. Though the beers may change up very regularly I highly recommend a stop by this brewery and tap room if you’re ever in the area. Flytrap’s beers are well worth the stop, and you might just meet someone interesting to talk to.

I, for one, Cindy for two, will be stopping by Flytrap for a beer everytime I’m in town. Just to see what surprises they have on tap. I have a Flytrap coaster on my desk as a reminder.

Stop the Flytrap Brewing Co. Facebook page and keep up to date about what’s going on.