Dockyard Brewery Samples at Hog Penny Pub

Cryptobrewology hits Bermuda!

Intrepid beer explorer Cindy has taken Road Trips & Brew Pubs on the high seas! During a recent cruise to Bermuda, she stopped at the Hog Penny Pub which features Dockyard Brewing Company beers on tap. Cindy sampled their Whale of Wheat, Trunk Island IPA and Black Anchor Porter, before deciding on a pint of the Trunk Island IPA.

Ddockyard Brewing Tap Handles, Hog Penny Pub, Bermuda.Cindy has been enjoying a cruise with friends aboard Anthem of the Seas, an impressive ocean liner completed in 2015 in Papenburg, Germany

The massive ship has so much to offer. For example, uh, bumper cars, simulated skydiving, roller skating, concerts and other performances. Folks can play air hockey or table tennis in these places called SeaPods. One may also encounter the “Stowaway Piano Player.”

There are literally so many things to do on board that you might ask yourself, “why bother stopping at an island at all?” Well, come on now…

Beer. And there are pink sand beaches, palm trees, chicks in bikinis, stuff like that. But, yeah, local beer.

Yes, yes, of course they have beer on board Anthem of the Seas, for sure, and a huge selection I bet, but they probably don’t have Dockyard beers.

Even if they do — world class dining, entertainment and 360° ocean views notwithstanding — there is just something about sitting in a island pub on hard ground drinking a local-brewed beer and looking out at the ocean and the spectacle of the cruise ship you’ll be venturing back onto soon…

Anthem of the Seas docked in Bermuda, May 2016

Vista Cruise travel trailer used by Cryptobrewology Road Trips and BrewPubsThough Cindy is having the time of her life cruising the Atlantic, I am looking forward to her safe return home so we can continue our land-bound adventures for Road Trips & Brew Pubs in our “land yacht” of sorts. Kinda missing my wife. She’s my ultimate gal pal.

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