Crooked Rooster, Watkins Glen, NY

roosterfish_logoCome on, that logo is just the best, isn’t it?!

During a short weekend camping trip to Watkins Glen, NY I had the opportunity to stop in at the Crooked Rooster Brewpub and sample a selection of their house ales. No camping trip is complete without a cooler full of beer, and I had that, but if there’s a brewpub nearby I have to stop by and check it out, or I’m not The Brewologist!

I didn’t have time for a brewery tour, and I’m not even sure if they do that, but I’ll find out next time.

A very pleasant waiter — dressed just as I would expect and prefer a brewpub waiter to be dressed, in his street clothes — brought a sampler of 6 ales to the table, along with my quesadillas, and I went about tasting. Interesting, I had quesadillas at the Arcadia Brewpub in Battle Creek too. No jalapeño peppers this time. Ooof.

Anyway, I forget about one of the offerings (shame on me) but I managed to take notes on my cell phone about five of the brews I tried, and here’s what I got…

Blonde Ale: 4.9%, very mild, pale gold in color. Straightforward pale ale.

Roosterfish IPA: 6.6%. Very malty. So much so that I barely noticed the hoppiness. Could be they didn’t dry hop it. I’m used to a huge hoppy nose and a nice even bitterness when I drink an IPA, but for some reason I missed that on this one. Still a good beer though. You know what? It reminded me of an Acme Pale Ale. I think.

Summer Sky Hefeweizen: 6%. A nice golden wheat color. Fittingly cloudy, and pleasantly tart. A bit of banana in the nose. Nice representation of this style. I like it!

Old Cascade Amber: 5.5%. I saved this one for last and it was my favorite, but I’m partial to cascade hops. They use a cascade variety grown locally in New York State. Pours a nice dark amber.

Dark Nut Brown Ale: 5.2%. They’re not kidding, it is dark. I thought it was going to be a porter or something! Very nice flavor, but I did notice a rather pronounced maltiness, and not overly nutty flavor. It almost just tasted like a darker version of their IPA.

The Crooked Rooster Brewpub is located next door to, and associated with the Wildflower Cafe, along Franklin Street in Watkins Glen, NY. A nice place to visit if you haven’t been there. Here are some links to their web pages, where you’ll find more info on their food, beverages and whereabouts…

Wildflower Cafe | Roosterfish Brewery | List of their Craft Ales