Brinx Jones – Vineland NJ

Colorful manequins at Brinx Jones Brewing Company in Vineland, NJ.

Cindy had some business in Vineland, NJ this week so we hopped in the car and hit the road. On the way Cindy scouted for some places to have dinner. From the driver seat I suggested, “brew pub.”

After a few moments she located Brinx Jones Brewing Company, a short 2.5 miles from the hotel where we’d be staying. Bingo!

And get this, Brinx Jones Brewing Company opened their doors to the public on January 25th, just four days prior to our visit. So, this is the first true New Brewery post for Cryptobrewology!

Typically Cindy navigates as I drive, because most of the time I prefer to hear her voice instead of the phone’s GPS thingy, though sometimes it’s entertaining to listen to my phone pronounce certain roads and exits.

Brinx Jones is on the same street as the hotel so we really didn’t even need GPS but it helps to know the exact block if you’re driving in an unknown area. Didn’t turn it on mind you, Cindy just followed the blue line on the map.

So I pull in to a parking spot and Cindy says, “oh crap, it’s the next block up.”

So I pull out of the parking spot and drive up a block. We could have walked but it was a bit chilly that night and to be honest I like parking close to where I’m going. Just a thing.

We get out of the car, step onto the sidewalk and start moving. I walked right by the place and didn’t immediately notice that Cindy was no longer at my side. I kept talking to her too, but then I heard her voice from somewhere behind me, “It’s right here!”


Turning around I notice some naked and colorfully painted manequins standing in a storefront display. Interesting idea but maybe throw a few kegs in there just as a hint. The reason I kept walking is because I thought it was a clothing boutique, not a brewery. But hey, four days, I’ll cut them some slack.

Stepping up to the bar we were informed that we had to first take a brewery tour before we could buy a pint or a flight. This is a New Jersey thing. Breweries are not permitted to sell beer by the glass unless they give visitors a tour first. I encountered this at Cricket Hill Brewery some years back, and more recently at Cape May Brewing Company.

Devin at Brinx Jones Brewing Company, Vineland NJ.

Now some breweries are big and the tour can take some time, but at Brinx Jones we got the low down from brewer Devin in about three minutes. Brinx Jones is a nano brewery with a brewing system that takes up approximately 50 square feet a has a four barrel brewing capacity.

Larger fermenters and serving tanks are located in the basement, but we didn’t get a tour of that area.

After the short tour we headed to the bar to order a flight and spoke to Devin about the brewery.

Two things. One, Brinx Jones is a dog. Two, their beer is pretty damn good.

I asked who Brinx and Jones were, figuring they were last names of the owners or something. The double moniker belongs to brewery owner Steve Wozniak’s bull mastif. Wozniak adopted the pup when he lived in California. Brinx Jones tagged along on his return journey to the East Coast.

Wozniak, originally from Haddonfield, was a brewer at the now defunct Baying Hound Ale Works in Rockland, MD, before deciding to move back to New Jersey and open his own brewery.

Too bad Steve wasn’t there to chat with, but we had a good time with Devin learning about the brewery, which is located in an old Woolworth building. Apparently they’ve come across some vintage odds and ends in the basement during their renovation. Wood salvaged from old shelving has become a beautiful high gloss bartop.

Cindy enjoying a flight of ales at Brinx Jones Brewing Company, Vineland, NJ.

Brinx Jones beers are simply named for the style, no fancy branding. The seven beers on tap were a pale ale, IPA, irish red, belgian ale, ESB, oatmeal stout and a rotating offering that I can’t recall. All pretty good beers. They are unfiltered, full bodied and flavorful.

I wonder what they’ll do when they come up with a different pale ale or IPA, add a number? Pale Ale #1, Pale Ale #2, and so on? They may have to entertain the branding idea then, but they’ve got some time. If adding more styles and branding are the problems they face it will be a sign that business is good.

Local artist works showcased at Brinx Jones Brewing Company, Vineland, NJ

They’re bringing the community together as well, not just as a unique brewery but also showcasing work by local artists in the taproom. Intriguing paintings and photography lined the walls on both sides. All of them for sale too if I’m not mistaken.

We wish Brinx Jones the best in their efforts to bring craft beer to Vineland, NJ. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in town and enjoy craft nano-breweries. Just try to avert your gaze from the plastic boobies in the front windows long enough to notice the framed pictures of Brinx Jones the bull mastif hanging up in there.