Brewery Van Steenberge – Raspberry Lambic

Cherish, Raspberry. This is an authentic Belgian lambic “brewed with real raspberries” as the label states, but in order to get such a bold, wonderful raspberry nose they must have added some after the brewing, and maybe a little after fermentation too.

Cherish Raspberry offers a bold, raspberry nose, little else is noticeable here. It’s not too sweet smelling, but the aroma does remind me of raspberry candy. There is a nice tingle on the tongue during the sip and taste. Silky, smooth mouthfeel, and a mild sourness well balanced with the fruity sweetness. Very nice blend, and a very good drink!

Lambics are always a pleasant surprise to any non-beer drinker who gets a taste. Lambics open up a whole new world to anyone who thinks beer is all just pale and fizzy, and they stimulate an appreciation for the art of brewing and fermenting.

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