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Since Christmas is nigh, and all of the department stores started reminding us of that on Halloween, I thought, “Hey, why not let all of the cool home brewers and awesomest friends of home brewers in Cryptobrewology land know about some great gift ideas!”

And so…

You may not be aware that I have updated and expanded the available designs and slogans at the Cryptobrewology CafePress store, but that will change shortly… I have updated and expanded the available designs and slogans at the Cryptobrewology CafePress store! 🙂

All your base malts are belong to us t-shirts.Then we invented beer

Whats in Your Carboy - Original t-shirt design What's in Your Carboy - new t-shirts and more Ben Franklin Beer Quote t-shirts

There are some seriously fun t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons (helps keep the malt off your duds on brew day), mugs for your coffee brew, drinking glasses for your homebrew and a lot more to check out, all featuring great designs or slogans like the definition of “Hoptimistic” (there’s an IPA version too), “All Your Base Malts Are Belong To Us” (still funny!), “It’s All Good” for wine lovers, some fun famous beer quotes, and the original “What’s in Your Carboy” design as well as the newer one with the carboy cartoon on it. So take a look at the links and pics above, you might be able to get some of your Christmas shopping done early, and here are some quick links to categories:

Store Home | Glasses and Steins | Homebrewer Aprons | Homegoods (Pillows, Jammies, etc.)

Make sure to check our homegoods section, we have “Homebrewers Do It for At Least An Hour” PJs (ladies…), and T-shirts in the other category too!

Now is the time to grab up some great deals on t-shirts, pint glasses, steins, pillows, PJs and tons more for your home brewing friends or loved ones this holiday season. Great stuff there, and great prices too!

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