Mr. Beer Review: American Devil IPA

Mr. Beer American Devil IPA

I just tested some beers from a batch of Mr. Beer American Devil IPA I made. Turned out good. Not as much hop bitterness as commercial IPAs, but very hoppy compared to the Mr. Beer West Coast Pale Ale, which was the first one I brewed with my new Mr. Beer kit. Great balanced flavor, and great nose, after a few weeks of mellowing out in the bottle.

My final Mr. Beer American Devil IPA has a slightly lower ABV than the Mr. Beer instructions state it should, but results may vary, most likely due to fermenting temperature, too cold or too warm, or insufficient oxygenation prior to pitching the yeast. It should have been around 4.6%, but my batch only got to somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.5% ABV. The West Coast Pale Ale was about 1% lower than it should have been as well.

Next time I’ll plan a yeast starter and pour that into the fermenter first, making sure to pour aggressively when I transfer the wort from the brewpot. A little aggressive stirring will also help I’m sure. Too much oxygen is not a problem prior to fermentation.

That aside, the IPA pours a nice deep, nutty amber color (if it’s possible for a color to be “nutty”), and retains a nicer, creamier head than the West Coast Pale Ale, though the head was equally short lived in my experience.

The nose is a nice balance of malt and hops. The flavor is nicely hoppy and a bit nutty, no doubt from the darker roasted barley malt used to acheive the darker color. There is a nice hop bite and lingering, bitter tingle, which is nice. While reading the American Devil IPA flavor profile at the Mr. Beer website I learned that they used a lager malt in this brew. Interesting. Maybe that’s why the flavor was not as distinct as other IPAs I’ve tried.

In all this is a nice kit to try. A very rewarding brew. Post a comment and let me know about your experiences with Mr. Beer!

Here is a video I made demonstrating the “brewing” method and an idea for priming and bottling.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Beer Review: American Devil IPA

  1. Love the idea of using the two gallon jug and batch priming. I’ve got a two gallon jug somewhere, I’m going to dig it out of storage and sanitize it next time I bottle. Did you use regular white table sugar? I did for my 1st batch of AD IPA and it turned out fine! I have found a local home brew shop and plan on buying some corn sugar for the future.

  2. Hi Bill,

    The second keg as a bottling bucket is a good idea, that will really minimize any potential transfer of the trub. I’m sure you make sure it’s sanitized first, but it’s a good idea to mention just so anyone else who might try it doesn’t forget: always sanitize anything you might use in brewing, racking, or bottling your Mr. Beer, or any beer for that matter. Every variable introduced to the process can put the beer at risk.

    The reason my final reading came up short is probably not adequate oxygenation, as you mentioned. That’s critical, and stressed by Mr. Beer. “Stir vigorously!” 🙂

  3. I’m brewing this now. Something else you could try is to use a second Mr Brew keg as the bottling bucket. I like their bottling wand. Interesting you did not achieve the correct final gravity. I seem to have this problem with several MR Beer recipes. I also suspect oxygenation as part of the problem. That or the non-descript dry beer yeast. It would be nice if they would add the actual yeast strain info as a note (at least for the smack packs).

    I just watched your videos on their site – very helpful. Wish that was there when I first started. I waited months before trying it as I was afraid I would contaminate the batch.

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