Roasted Red Pepper Hummus recipe.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

Hey guys, Drew here with a great Homemade Roasted Red Pepper Hummus recipe. Easy to make in well under an hour. Well, not including the roasting.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Ingredients. Tahini, garlic, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, olive oil, red peppers.I’ve been making variations of this hummus, including a Kalamata Olive version, for the past year or so. Since first making it I’ve adjusted ingredient amounts and the process until settling on the recipe you’ll find below, with a pretty specific process that yields very consistent results.

Obviously tastes vary so you may want to adjust some ingredients to satisfy your palate, but this is a great starting point. I make it this way every time.

This hummus recipe takes about 35-40 minutes of prep and execution, and makes 1 Qt (about 946 ml).

Split the ingredients to make a smaller batch if you want. I make a big batch because it keeps and I can make it less often, but mostly because I use a Vitamix Pro 300 for the final blend of ingredients and the half batch doesn’t even reach the blades.

First the Ingredients:

3 Large Red Bell Peppers (or four mediums)
2 15oz cans of Garbanzo Beans (Chick Peas. You can sub Great Northern Beans)
1 Large Clove of Garlic
1 Large Lemon
1 Plump Lime (You want mostly lemon but a total of 1/2 cup of both of these)
1/2 Cup of Tahini (we use Joyva, costs $6.49 at our store)
1/8 Rounded tsp Cayenne Pepper
3/4 to 1 Tsp Kosher Salt (I usually do just under one, roughly. Don’t over do the salt!)
5 TBL of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (EVOO) Yes, 5. Don’t skimp.
Large Zip Plastic Bag.

The Directions
Now to go ahead and whip this stuff up.

Step 1 – Prepare the Peppers:
First get the peppers roasting. Fire your oven broiler up to 425° F, and line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Wash the peppers and cut them into quarters. I usually lop off the top and bottom about 1/2 inch or so to get rid of the curve, that helps them to lay flat on the baking sheet.

Using spray Oil or some oilve oil on a brush, coat the peppers a bit, both sides. Don’t go nuts, they just need to have a little even glisten. Arrange them on the foiled baking sheet and put them on a rack about 6-7 inches under the broiler. Roast for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 2 – Prepare The Other Ingredients:
While the peppers are in the oven you can prep your other ingredients:

Mince the garlic.
Measure out the Cumin, Cayenne and Salt.
Squeeze the lemon and lime.
Measure out the EVOO
Open the cans, drain and rinse the Garbanzo Beans. Just toss them in the strainer and rinse them with some cold water from the sink sprayer. Set them aside to drain.

Keep an eye on the peppers when you get near the 15 minute mark. They need to just start to get browned on the back, and a little blackened here and there.

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer: Do not burn the peppers! They will become too charred and thin, and you won’t have enough decent pepper meat to work with. You can go drift a little to the dark side, but watch how far you dare to tread! Don’t blame me if you over roast your peppers, okay? It is an art. Be one with the pepper…

Back to our recipe.

When the peppers are ready, pluck them from the foil with a pair of tongs and drop them into the Zip Baggy. Close it up and let them steam for at least an hour. No joke. This is critical. When you take those peppers out of the bag the skin should peel off easily.The longer they can steam and rest the better the peel. One and a half to two hours is my usual range.

While the peppers are steaming you still have plenty of time so go read a book, wash some laundry or change your spark plugs while you wait. See? Multi-tasking!

The Pepper Peeling Trick
When you get back you’re ready to peel the peppers. To peel a pepper (wash your hands if you changed your plugs) hold it in one hand and pinch the skin near the top end of the pepper with your thumb and forefinger on the other hand, then pull and start peeling it down. You may have a few strips, but a good peel comes off in one sheet. Do that and you can pat yourself on the back, because this might seem easy, but it ain’t really.

Mixing garlic, cumin, cayenne, salt and olive oil for roasted red pepper hummus.Step 3 – Mix the Ingredients:
Chop the peppers into smaller bits, about 1/2 inch square and put them aside.

In a 2 cup measure mix the lemon/lime juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, cumin and cayenne. Use a medium size wisk to thoroughly blend the ingredients. My Mom calls it a “controlled spasm.” You know, how you spaz out your wrist to get the wisk or fork to swirl around so quickly? I asked her once when I was a kid and saw her beating eggs for an omelette.

Adding tahini to the mixture for hummus.Anyway, mix that up and start pouring in the Tahini. It’s like molasses, or watching grass grow, so take your time. Just wisk as you go to keep it mixing. Use a cake spatula or spoon to help the rest into the measuring cup.

Blend with the wisk for one minute and let it rest for 30 seconds or so. Then blend again for about a minute. This helps the mixture become cohesive and lends to a better consistency in the final product. Trust me. 🙂

Actually I wanted to make you count and wait and count again while your hand got tired. Just kidding. The double wisking technique really does contribute to a better body in the finished hummus, so go ahead and do it. I do.

Step 4 – Process It All Together
Alright now we’re ready for the final mixdown, so to speak. You can use a regular blender, that should work just fine, but like I mentioned earlier we use a Vitamix and I highly recommend that you check them out if you’re serious about your kitchen tools.

The Vitamix chops anything, blends everything and basically cleans itself too. Makes soup too, no joke. The blades spin so fast they actually heat the liquid. Hot!

Adding roasted red peppers to Vitamix for hummus recipe. Blending roasted red pepper hummus Adding garbanzo beans to hummus recipe. Whatever you’re using, start the final hummus mixture by adding the chopped up roasted peppers to the blending container, followed by the mix you just whipped up with the tahini, lemon/lime juice and spices. Process this to finally chop the peppers and blend it all evenly.

If you’re using a Vitamix, keep it on the lowest speed until it starts to blend, then increase it gradually, up to about halfway to 2 no faster than that at this stage. If you go too fast too soon the blades will spin freely and create an air pocket under the mixture. You’ll have to turn off the mixer and use a spatula or spoon to “burp” it

Blend at that speed for about a minute, then begin adding the Garbanzo beans a small portion at a time, mixing well at the lower speed between additions.

Once all of the beans are in you can gradually increase the speed and let the blender mix everything thoroughly.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus recipe.That’s it! Easy homemade roasted red pepper hummus. Store it in a sealed container and refridgerate it for up to two weeks. That’s about how long it last in our house.

You may be able to produce this for less than it costs per ounce of similar hummus at the supermarket but the deciding prices are the peppers and tahini. A 16 ounce jar of tahini runs approximately $8 but you will only use 1/4 of that per batch, so $2 per batch.

Red peppers are pricey in the stores, but if you live in an area with local farms you may find locally grown peppers for less. Check a nearby growers market!

Whether it can be made cheaper at home or not one thing is for certain, you know for sure what’s in it.

Kalamata Olive Hummus Version:
To create a kalamata olive hummus follow the same recipe but sub the peppers with about 3/4 cup of kalamata olives.

To be honest that’s a guesstimation, I never measured. Basically I just use half of the olives from a 10 ounce jar of pitted olives, rinsed well. Olives are salty so you can remove the initial salt addition from the ingredients for this version. Just like the roasted red pepper version, the kalamata olive hummus turns out great everytime. I alternate these recipes to keep things interesting, and I’m working on some new variations I will post here when I’ve tried and tested them enough.

Hope you enjoy the recipe. And remember, no one really gives a shit about you as much as you do, so learn to take care of yourself.