The Elusive Heady Topper

| October 31, 2014

It may not be so hard to find for hop-heads in the know, and close to the brewery’s limited area of distribution, but for the rest of us Heady Topper is almost as elusive as Bigfoot. Alas, Heady Topper actually exists! So we packed up our gear and went on the hunt, heading north into […]

Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA

| September 26, 2013

Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA review and the added benefit to buying a bottle. Help support animal rescue efforts. A portion of proceeds from every bottle sold is donated to regional animal rescue operations.

Cave Creek Chili Beer Review

| May 9, 2011

Many years ago a friend told me about chili beer, but I had never encountered one. Or at least, never had the desire to try it out. It looks fun enough. After all, there’s a chili pepper in the bottle. That was the first indication that I can’t take this beer too seriously.

Brewery Van Steenberge – Raspberry Lambic

| January 3, 2010

Cherish Raspberry Lambic is a refreshing, fruity and fizzy brew, perfect for a quiet fireside evening, or to share with friends for any celebration. Good stuff.

Funny What a Tuque Can Do

| December 31, 2009

Yep, gotta love the Great White North and their beers. This is not a beer review as you might expect, just some thoughts on winter, tuques and beer. Club Gifts-120x90 banner