Shocking Ingredients in Beer – The Facts

| April 8, 2014

These are the facts about fish bladders in Guinness, GMO Corn, MSG, Propylene Glycol in beer and caramel color in Newcastle Brown Ale. Countering misinformation and hype circulating the web.

2013 AHA National Homebrew Competition

| February 4, 2013

Does your homebrew have what it takes to win? Enter the 2013 AHA National Homebrew Competition and put your beer to the test. Online Registration ends 1 p.m. MST, Tuesday, February 26, 2013, and entries are due by March 18-March 27, 2013. Become an AHA member for discounted entry and other member benefits.

Health Benefits of Beer and Hops

| November 1, 2012

A look at the potential health benefits beer and hops. Moderate consumption of beer may not be such a bad thing. A pint or two a day is just as healthy for us as a glass of wine or two. In some ways better.

Schultz and Dooley – From Utica Club to Pale Ale

| October 2, 2012

A Schultz and Dooley Utica Club Beer commercial from the late 50s. Does anyone know what line of beer this brewery produces these days?

ABC Officials Raid AL Home Brewing Store – Confiscate Equipment

| September 26, 2012

ABC agents raid Hop City Craft Beer and Wine in Birmingham, as a bill to legalize home brewing in Alabama works its way into the 2013 legislative season. Alabama and Mississippi are the only to US states to still prohibit the sale of equipment and brewing of beer, though you can make wine in Mississippi if you want. Club Gifts-120x90 banner