Sierra Nevada Announces Voluntary Recall

| January 23, 2017

We love to have our little green army of our favorite West Coast Pale Ale stocked and ready in our fridge so we are happy to see such quick and thorough action taken. Sierra Nevada, now with a production brewery and packaging facility on each coast, has announced a voluntary recall of several bottle varieties […]

SweetWater Trailers Stolen

| June 21, 2016

This just in. Earlier today (Tuesday 6/21/16) Atlanta Brewing Company, SweetWater, and potential cusomters, became the victims of beer theft! News outlets report that two trailers containing over 3,000 cases of SweetWater’s Summer Variety Pack were stolen right off the company’s lot where they were awaiting pick up by legitimate haulers for distribution. GPS tracking […]

BrewDog prompts Ohio ABV limit lift

| May 12, 2016

Brewdog brings their unique beers to the US with the opening of a 100 barrel brew-house in Ohio. Ohio senate votes unanimously lift ABV limit as a result.

Hops to the Rescue

| April 27, 2016

Health Benefits of Hops are real. The aromatic ketone Xanthohumol displays properties that inhibit cancer development, free radicals and neurodegenerative disorders.

Shocking Ingredients in Beer – The Facts

| April 8, 2014

These are the facts about fish bladders in Guinness, GMO Corn, MSG, Propylene Glycol in beer and caramel color in Newcastle Brown Ale. Countering misinformation and hype circulating the web. Club Gifts-120x90 banner