Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA

Now here’s a good thing. Animal lovers take heart, not only does Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA taste amazing, it’s doing a solid for dogs, cats and other animals.

Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA - Hops paw print artWith the retarded liquor laws in Pennsylvania — okay, not as retarded as Utah, I’ll admit that — we can only buy beer by the case, unless it’s at a restaurant willing to sell package goods or, my favorite, Wegmans. When will they pass legislation allowing us to buy our beer and wine in the supermarket like some other states?

All Wegmans locations may not participate, but the store nearest to me has a mix-a-six section where selective beer lovers can pick and choose and make up a six pack to their liking. That’s how I stumbled on Last Chance IPA.

As usual, like cover-surfing on Netflix, I get caught up in browsing images. There are so many cool labels out there it’s often hard to choose, but the artwork depicting a paw print made out of hops was intriguing, so I snagged me a bottle and jammed it into my six pack carton next to some other choice goodies, I’m sure you can imagine.

I was not disappointed. Last Chance IPA is a HUGE hop-forward beer. Cascade, Simcoe, Centennial and Columbus hops are cleverly blended to create a beautiful citrussy and woodsy blend.

It reminded me of the great outdoors. A good beer should transport you, and this one does. Very aggressive nose and bitter bite, with a very subtle maltiness and lingering bitterness. I was taken away to a crisp fall afternoon, maybe on the hunt with my trusty hound. If I hunted.

Cat in Magic Hat boxIf I had a hound! I’m actually a cat guy. My wife and I recently lost our little pal Dusty, and his sister Christina sadly passed the previous year. If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen a picture of her in our photo albums. She was sleeping in a Magic Hat 12 pack box until I woke her up. Okay, I’ll post it here too.

Anyway, I’m certain that a trip to an animal shelter is in our future. We support animal rescue efforts, and someday again may visit a local shelter to find a pet to adopt.

What’s cool about Last Chance IPA is indicated in the name, and hinted at in the paw print graphic, and clearly explained on the side of the label. A portion of proceeds from every sale of Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA goes to support regional animal rescue efforts. A worthy cause. I will raise a glass of Weyerbacher in honor of such efforts to keep our furry friends happy and safe in worthy homes.

As of this writing Weyerbacher has donated $25,964.50 to shelters since introducing Last Chance IPA in May of 2012. The most recent donation, July 2013, was $1,850 to Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown, PA. Actually not too far from Cryptobrewology headquarters.

Style specs: West Coast style American IPA, 5.9% ABV and 62 IBUs.

Here’s to a great beer, and a great bit of giving back. Bravo Weyerbacher. Learn more about Weyerbacher and Last Chance IPA at their website. Cheers!