Beer Review: Midas Touch by Dogfish Head

Midas Touch Ancient Ale by Dogfish HeadMade with honey, white muscat grapes and saffron, it’s no wonder this extraordinary ale has such complex and inviting aromas and taste.

Pouring a nice medium amber color (right around 10 or 11 lovibond units), with golden yellow highlights probably due to the saffron, Midas Touch is the perfect after dinner companion by the fire. It weighs in at 9% ABV so split a bottle with that special someone or a good friend. It’s a great drink to sip over conversation.

Make sure to drink it from a white wine glass (as suggested by Dogfish Head), or at the very least a nice snifter, like the official Dogfish Head brewpub-issued snifter I’m drinking from as I review this.

One good sniff reveals a complex, fruity, semi-sweet white-wine-like nose with hints of honey and a mild saffron spiciness. Early on, when still chilled, this ale may remind you of a Viognier or Reisling wine. But of course that’s where the similarity ends.

While Midas Touch is one of the most complex “crossover” beers I’ve tried, contrary to what Dogfish Head states on their website about this offering falling somewhere between wine and mead, I found Midas Touch to be, without a doubt, a strong, robust ale of some measure. Wines can be robust, but mead is a rather acquired taste and, while honey is present in the nose and flavor, I did not find mead here.

Midas Touch begins chilled with a smooth mouthfeel, which simply reminds the drinker of the distinct nose, but a welcome bitterness and spice notes, from saffron in this case, reminds us that we’re drinking an ale, and we wait for the rest. Yes, sweet maltiness, and a full, rich flavor.

Don’t let it sneak up on you. This can be considered a barley wine in my opinion, with the pleasant additions of honey, muscat grapes and saffron.

Very enjoyable ale! I really do love Dogfish Head. Very unique beers. Bravo!