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Labatt’s Blue. Now here’s an okay little pilsner I would drink again. I’m a fan of Molson Canadian, when I feel like having a crisp, light beer during the summer, but now I’ll have to add Labatt’s to my light drinking fare. Some might disagree, but I think this is a nice beer. But drink it chilled, and don’t let it sit around like you might with an ale!

It all started during a visit to Olean, New York, during the Thanksgiving holiday. I met my girlfriend (aka, my good food and beer cohort) Cindy at her brother’s house and we had a very nice holiday visit. Her brother, Dave, had a couple of these big blue Labatt’s Blue winter hats. He handed me one just before we headed out the door for a hike. After the hike he said, “keep it!” I did. And it’s now my favorite winter hat. Actually, since it sports the name and logo of a Canadian beer I should call it by it’s proper name. It’s a tuque. Gosh, I’ve always wanted a tuque!

I’ve been wearing this Labatt’s Blue tuque a lot lately too, since our temps here in Jersey have been dipping into the twenties early on this winter. During a stop at the liquor store this evening on my way home from work, I decided, “Hey, I’m going to grab a six of Labatt’s Blue and see how that beer tastes.”

I’ve never had it, not that I can recall, but it’s not half bad. Some reviews over at Beer Advocate give it a low mark, but most consider it a generally okay, middle of the road, light bodied, pale beer. It is. But it’s better than a lot of other light bodied, pale beers I’ve had in my day.

I’ll probably wear the hat more than I’ll drink the beer, but Canada rocks either way. I mean, Canada gave us the best rock band in the world… RUSH! Gotta love the Great White North, eh?

There are some interesting images at this site, including a photomicrograph of Labatt’s Blue. Check it out, very cool…

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