Sweetwater beer trailer

SweetWater Trailers Stolen

This just in. Earlier today (Tuesday 6/21/16) Atlanta Brewing Company, SweetWater, and potential cusomters, became the victims of beer theft!

News outlets report that two trailers containing over 3,000 cases of SweetWater’s Summer Variety Pack were stolen right off the company’s lot where they were awaiting pick up by legitimate haulers for distribution.

GPS tracking led police to the trailers, one found on Camp Creek Parkway and the other on Southwoods Parkway, but they were completely empty. 78,000 bottles of beer, consisting of SweetWater’s 420, IPA, Goin Coastal IPA and Take Two Pils.

Later in the day about half of the stolen beer was located in a warehouse in Clayton County, GA.

Unfortunately the brewery intends to destroy the recovered beer since they “can no longer trust that that beer would be up to the quality standards” of the company. That quote from a news article on the heist, which can be found here.

The brewery is asking retailers to contact them if anyone other than SweetWater attempts to sell them the beer associated with those stolen variety packs.

They are also asking for your help. A post on the SweetWater blog states, “If yall find any Summer Variety Packs on the shelf that are UNSORTED (aka all one style) dated 9/20 or 9/21, call or email the brewery so we can start tracking this beer down. Keep an eye out for the Summer Variety Pack Case (24 pack of bottles) with the same date in weird places too.”

You can read the full post and get possible updates at their blog here.