Schultz and Dooley – From Utica Club to Pale Ale

Though I don’t remember seeing this commercial, having been born about 5 years after it first aired, I bet there are some among us who recognize the characters seen in the video below. It’s a commercial for Utica Club, the first beer officially sold after Prohibition (according to Wikipedia). Enjoy the video and then continue reading below for a little trivia…

Cute commercial huh? Matt Brewing Company has been in the beer business since 1853. During prohibition their line Utica Club soft drinks kept them in business, and after prohibition Utica Club (UC, or Uncle Charlie as it sometimes called) became a pale lager with a moderate alcohol level of 3.7%. The Schultz and Dooley commercials began airing in the late 50s.

Many of you know why Matt Brewing Company is doing so well today. Matt Brewing Co. has prospered in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Utica, NY, producing soft drinks and beer, including their most popular line of beers, Saranac. Of which, Saranac Pale Ale is considered their flagship beer.

I enjoy Saranac ales and lagers, they brew some great tasting beer.