Come On Alabama – Legalization of Homebrewing

picture of craft brewed beer samples from Phantom Canyon Brewing, Colorado Springs.

I’m amazed that the legalization of home brewing is even a question worth pondering for the powers that be in Alabama, or Mississippi for that matter. “YES, why the hell not?” should be the unanimous response by any practical, rational legislature. Seems like a no-brainer to me, considering that there are far greater things for publicly employed officials to worry about. I’m sure they have their valid reasons for the hold up.

If the reasons for the prolonged deliberation concern domestic violence, crime, or public safety and drunk driving, they need to refocus their attention. The legalization of home brewing will not significantly affect those issues.

Home brewing is a hobby largely undertaken by conscientious people who simply appreciate the rewards of their craft, and are eager to learn. The kind of people who venture into the world of home brewing, and who enjoy craft-brewed beers, are typically not the kind of people you’ll find getting into too much trouble.

If there is a problem with any individual, home brewer or not, that problem was already there, and other resources are available to address the specific issue.

Just MHO

Alabama legislative session sees passage of larger beer bottles; home-brewing still pending – The Washington Post