BrewDog prompts Ohio ABV limit lift

The Ohio Senate has voted unanimously to lift the ABV limit on beer as the notorious high alcohol beer brewer BrewDog moves in from Scotland.

The End of History, 50% ABV freeze distilled beer by BrewDog.BrewDog began back in 2007 and quickly gained attention with their mega ABV beers, especially The End of History, a 55% ABV beer based on a Belgian ale mixed with nettles and juniper berries, and freeze distilled several times to achieve the extreme alcohol level. It also featured interesting packaging, each $750 330ml bottle presented in taxidermied stoats and squirrels. Only twelve bottles were released.

They will be bringing their unique personality and beers to the US with the opening of a 100 barrel brew-house on 42 acres of land in Canal Winchester, Ohio. The site will include a visitor center, restaurant, tap-room and a bike path.

On their website BrewDog announces their move to the US with the entusiastic statement, “We’ve now set our sites on purple skies and amber waves of grain.”

Maybe someone should let them know that it’s “Spacious Skies” and “Purple Mountains Majesty…”

Just sayin’.

They are enthusiastic about their move to the US and we’re enthusiastic about it too. It gives us a reason to hitch up our travel trailer and take a road trip to Ohio when they finally get settled in. Dog Bless America indeed.

Gain insight into what made Brewdog so successful in Business for Punks: Break All the Rules — the BrewDog Way. As their site states, it’s “the tale of turning a small craft brewery of two men and a dog into one of the world’s fastest-growing drinks brands.”

Find more info on Brewdog’s US relocation and Ohio’s ABV limit lift at The Columbus Dispatch.