Beer With More Alcohol: Coming Soon?

Several states are passing legislation which will raise the ABV% limit on beer. Some have commented that people may tend to drink fewer beers because the beers will be stronger and, thus, do the job quicker. David Rosenbloom, president of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, says there is no evidence that people will drink fewer beers.

He may be right in some cases, but I think that the self limiting factor of intoxication might counter that theory for anyone who tends to drink solely for the sake of getting inebriated. Their ability to consume more beers will be limited because they’ll be hitting the wall sooner, passing out, or puking.

That would stop me, but I, and most real beer lovers, don’t drink to get drunk. If we do get a little tipsy it’s a happy side effect of our hobby.

Most craft beer lovers who drink to enjoy the flavors may already have access to beers with ABV’s in excess of 6%, because they probably brew their own. 🙂

Luckily New Jersey laws do not limit ABV. Not to the extent that it effects my occasional enjoyment of very strong ales anyway. I say bring it on, craft beer lovers will not be adversely effected by it. They welcome it.

Beer With More Alcohol: Coming Soon?.