Sam Adams Beef-Infused Beer? Say it ain’t so!

Photo: © Drew Vics.

So I got word that the Boston Beer Company, a la Sam Adams, released a Beef-Infused Beer “Burke in a Bottle” (named after Chef David Burke, who thought up the idea.), back in Winter of 2010. How did I not hear of this offering? My sources must be asleep, or maybe I was. Too busy maybe. Or maybe, just maybe, the beer flopped? Nah…

Why the heck would anyone think of something like this in the first place? I’d hate to criticize such an established brewing company, who actually make some pretty nice beers, and I don’t want to knock those involved with our beloved craft of brewing, but since when do we put BEEF HEARTS in BEER? I’m all for originality, but this just sounds dumb.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the Boston Beer Company was involved with something dopey of course. You’ll recall the Sam Adams “Cranberry Lambic” which is actually a “Flavored Wheat Beer” as stated on that very beer’s label. I think it’s still available around the Holidays. Misleading at the very least. Bottom line, it’s not a Lambic so don’t call it that, not even if it sort-of tastes like one.

But I digress. Beef Hearts. BEEF HEARTS! Who thinks of this stuff? Why on earth would you put beef in beer? I mean, fruit, coffee, vanilla, burbon, herbs, spices, chocolate, brown sugar, nuts, tree bark, roots, even vegetables. Hell, I thought of adding some celery leaves as an aroma ingredient to a stout. I’ll still do it eventually. They smell good. But BEEF? I’d rather drink an Oyster Stout!

Never had an Oyster Stout, I’ll have to give it a try sometime, but I don’t think I’ll be venturing out to grab a Beef-Infused Beer. I prefer my beer along side my beef thank you…

That didn’t sound right.

Anyway, maybe I shouldn’t knock it. After all, isn’t craft beer brewing about experimentation, trying new, different things, and being adventurous? Of course it is. So why not! Beef-away! While we’re at it, someone ought to brew a Pork Shoulder Porter or something. Maybe a Salmon Ale or Chicken Lager?

Can I have my beer medium well please?