What happened to the Brew Masters show?

What’s on tap Brew Masters? Some folks are wondering what the heck happened to the Dogfish Head Brew Masters show on The Discovery Channel. I was wondering myself.

Anyway, I found out what’s going on. The show had 6 episodes slated for broadcast between November and December. We saw 5, then wondered what happened. Episode 6 covers the opening of a new Dogfish Head rooftop brewpub in New York City. A delay in the opening of that brewpub led to a delay in the completion of the episode.

With an opening date set for early 2011, we will hopefully see eipsode 6 air sometime in the next few months. That finishes up what they were slated to complete in 2010, but what happens beyond that? Who knows? We just wait and see what Discovery Channel decides to do.

In a previous post I cheered the creativity, dedication, and integrity of Sam Calagione, and I still mean every bit of it, but it seems like a show centered on one brewery may be short lived. With a name like “Brew Masters” you’d think that we would have seen a new brewery or brewpub every episode.

Maybe The Discovery Channel should expand the idea and try a different approach. This country is loaded with a bunch of innovative, creative, clever, and cool micro breweries with some pretty big beer offerings, and inspiring stories of startup to success. Plenty of amazing stuff out there to present. Why not give the viewers some variety?

By the way, you can download episodes of Brew Masters at Amazon.com.

4 thoughts on “What happened to the Brew Masters show?

  1. I have to agree. While Dogfish Head has been my favorite brewery long before the TV show, I think they need to break it up a bit. They should get Stone brewing involved too! I would love to see that. Perhaps a visit to Belgium would be cool.

  2. Would definitely like to see them take on different brewers each season. Logical next step would be the Stone dude, who was also prominently featured in Beer Wars. I’m pretty sure that’s how this show came about.

  3. Interesting. I’m going to be in the Tampa area next month, I’ll have to stop in and take a quick tour of CCB. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve never heard of that place. Could be a nice new video for our YouTube channel.

  4. I have heard some rumors of a camera crew following the guys at cigar city for the past few months-could be related. either way it should be interesting what other breweries will show up on tv.

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